August 2019 Meeting Minutes

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Southern Oregon Chapter ABM
August 23rd , 2019
8:18 AM
Attendance: Breck Cook, Steve Matiaco, CJ Marincus,
Robert Rice, Ted Zuk, Matt Potts, Mark Stevenson, Brian
Lillington, Dave Jahn, Alex Rodriguez, Jim Sayers, Ken
Sandlin, Mary Montague, Chad Wiltrout, Jim Akery, Jack
Applegate, Audra Wonsyld, Serena Locke, Chris Ochoa,
Garrett Thomson, Jeremy Payne, Tom McDowell,

I. Call to Order

Welcome and Introductions – Roll Call

II. Approval of minutes

Minutes from July 25th 2019 – Monthly Business Meeting approved
by all in attendance.

III. Reports of Officers

  • Treasure’s Operating Report – Breck
  • Make sure all dues are paid

IV. Unfinished Business

a. Sharing Forms / Handouts between jurisdictions – Steven
i. Chapter is creating “universal forms” that each
jurisdiction can modify to make their own.
ii. Open to input and suggestions for other handouts to

V. Guest Speakers

a. Serena Lock from Jackson County – Permit Tech. Association
is having their 2019 OPTA Annual Conference and General
Membership Meeting Oct 31st – Nov 2nd.
i. Taking in Nominees for Permit Tech of the Year
ii. OPTA has open scholarship opportunities – see
website for more details
iii. OPTA has open board positions

b. Jim & Chris –
i. Spoke about the opportunity of getting involved
through online voting and the need for participation
and hearing jurisdiction’s opinions
ii. Chris- Deadlines for Annual Meeting in Clark County
Oct 20th – 30th is coming up.
iii. September 23rd is the voting deadline.

c. Jack Applegate – Regional II
i. Announced their new website
ii. Raising money for mentoring opportunities

  • Goal is to get people involved in the code
    development process
  • Safety 2R program
  • Helping military families – any member of the

– BREAK – 9:26 – 9:43am –

d. Jeremy – BCD updates
i. Ref. to handout*
ii. Code update Oct 1st
iii. OOIC classes required by Feb 1st 2020

VI. New Business

a. CJ announced new website for SOC-ICC – has available links to other
b. Ted Zuk – Changes in OBOA board
i. Code change to work more with Washington State
ii. Partnering with Region II and Fire Marshall
iii. Needs more participation to represent the local area
iv. Social Media presence OBOA – now managing a
Social Media platform
v. Next OBOA is Sept 16th-20th

VII. Open Discussion

a. Robert motioned a $200 donation to Regional II program.
Mark 2nd (group vote – PASSED)
b. Steve – mentioned classes Sept 30th and Oct 1st on 2012-2018
IBC updates and Res. Accessibility
i. Also working on possible having Existing Building class
and Permit Tech class.
ii. Will have these posted on website. \
c. CJ- suggesting possible fund-raising opportunities and ideas
for next year.
i. Golf tournament
ii. Possible sponsors to keep coast low
iii. Prizes/ catering ideas
d. CJ- Open to suggestions on location for next year’s meeting?

VIII. Next Meeting

September 26th, 2019
Taprock Northwest Grill
971 SE 6th St Grants Pass,
OR 97526

Meeting closed 12:03PM
Motioned and closed- Everyone in Attendance
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